10 Safety Tips to Follow While Using Spray Paints


Today people are choosing spray paints over traditional paints as they are convenient and you don’t need to be a talented DIYer to use them. Spray paints are no doubt easy to use however they can kind of be hazardous if you aren’t cautious while using them.

Having said that, if you know the basics of how to use them carefully then there is nothing to worry about. Fortunately, we have got your back. We have brought to you 10 safety tips that you must follow while you spray paint your space. Get detailed information about the safety and security measures you have to take before working, on this website: https://newshub4.com/

Check for damage

Before you start spray painting, you must check for any damage to the bottle. If the bottle is damaged, then there is a possibility that it will leak and your skin will be directly exposed to the chemical inside the bottle. There is also a chance that the damage causes pressure inside the can and bursts as soon as you try to spray it.

Turn off the heat

Heat is the worst enemy of spray paints as they are highly inflammable. A no brainer is to make sure that you keep the spray cans away from direct heat and open flames. Not just that, you must never use electrical tools or any appliances that generate heat while you are spray painting.

Paint outside

A pro tip is to spray paint outside your house instead of indoors so that you don’t have to worry about your house being covered with the toxic fumes. Remember you must find a shaded area as prolonged exposure to sunlight or extreme humidity can heat the spray can and cause it to explode.

Wear protective gears

Make sure that you are dressed appropriately in long-sleeved clothes and pants that will ensure that you don’t spray the paint on your skin. Along with that, put on a pair of gloves, painters mask and goggles for extra protection.

Pay attention to ventilation

You must open the doors and the windows during spray painting and even while you let the spray paint dry. This will ensure that the toxic vapour from the spray paint will move out of your house instead of getting caught in the air inside the room.

Avoid smoking before and after

You must never smoke while you are spray painting as you know that spray paints catch fire easily. It is also recommended that you avoid smoking after the painting is completed as the fumes still linger in the room and may cause an accidental fire.

Painting light fixtures

You must never paint light fixtures that heat up after lighting unless the spray paint can say that it is a high heat paint. You must never paint wirings, light bulbs and exposed cords as they might catch fire.

Discard responsibly

You must never cut, burn or throw away a used spray can in the dustbin. Try recycling it instead. You must also never puncture the spray can as they are pressurised and they can burst if not handled with care.

Avoid eating and drinking

It is advised that you should move to another room when you want to take a meal break or even sip water while spray painting. This will ensure that the vapour in the air doesn’t enter your body and you remain safe.


You should immediately change your clothes after you are done using DIY paint and take a shower to get rid of the fumes that linger on your clothes. If you are wearing your old clothes, then you can even consider discarding them altogether for extra precaution.

If at any point during spray painting you feel nauseous or dizzy, immediately leave the room and consult your doctor if the condition persists.
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