How to Build the Perfect Patio


If you have decided to save a little money and build you own patio at the rear of the property, there is a lot to consider, and prior to actually doing anything, you first need to think about materials. There are a number of options when it comes to a patio, which include:

  • Block Paving
  • Stone Slabs
  • Natural Stone
  • Poured Concrete

Once you have made the decision regarding materials, there is affordable paving supplies in Bexley, where you can order everything you will need.

Ground Preparation

The key to a successful patio project lies in the ground preparation, and you will need to excavate to at least 8 inches in order to create a solid foundation. Start with a layer of hard core and this should be compressed with a roller, onto which goes a layer of sand and cement, which will the bed for the paving to be laid upon.

Installing the Paving Slabs

Whether you are using blocks or paving slabs, start at the top left hand corner and work across to the right corner one row at a time. You should put a plumbing line out to ensure that the patio is very slightly sloped away from the house, to remove rainwater, and once a row of slabs is installed, you can point with a cement trowel and continue until the entire patio is in position.

Building Retainer Walls

You might want to have some flower beds that adjoin the terrace, which will need small retaining walls that can be built with contrasting coloured stones or bricks. You might also want to put steps that lead to and from the patio and connect up to the pathways in the garden.

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