3 Questions to Ask a Roof Contractor


Are you staring at darkened water stains and sniffing musty odor? Are you noticing problems with your shingles and gutters? It could be time to replace the roof. Where do you start, though? How do you know who to hire? Begin a search for a roofing contractor with experience in your area. But before you sign a contract, be sure to ask the following questions.

1. What Credentials Does the Company Hold?

When you decide on the right roofing contractors in Daytona Beach FL, you must start by inquiring about licenses and certification. Roofs should last up to 20 to 25 years, pending major weather problems; in addition, they cost a good amount of money. This investment is significant, so work with someone who has the accreditation to complete the job well.

Ask about licensing and permits. What does the company currently have? How do they train employees? Do they expect people to obtain certificates?

2. When Is the Crew Available?

You might find a great place, but if they can’t get you on the schedule pretty quickly, the problem exacerbates immensely, making repairs significantly harder. Ask about what preventative measures you could take to prolong further issues and if they could move up your case to a better time.

3. What Is the Employee Size and Project Speed?

You don’t want a new roof to take weeks, so discuss completion deadlines and worker expectations. Set goals from the start about when it should begin and when everything should wrap up. Compare this information with other companies to determine who could alleviate your issues sooner.

Don’t put off roof repairs. If you think you have a problem, reach out to professionals, getting estimates and seek appropriate help. When choosing some company, be sure to consider when it could get done, the business’s credentials and the crew size.

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