Choose the right chair and make WFH comfortable


Most of us work from home in the digital age to avoid travel in public transport to keep ourselves safe from getting infected with the virus. On the other hand, working from home has become an excellent option for companies to save the investment on building a professional workspace. Most importantly, working from home also improves productivity as employees can save the time taken to travel.

So, if work from home has become your new lifestyle, you will have to shop for the best ergonomic chair as it will provide the right support to your neck and shoulder during long work hours. Selecting the best ergonomic chair can be a daunting task with so many options and brands available in the market; hence we have mentioned a few factors to consider to find your dream chair for work.

Why should you shop for an ergonomic chair

There is no single reason you must consider when shopping for ergonomic chairs because they offer a wide variety of benefits. The first and foremost benefit of shopping for an ergonomic chair is it helps in maintaining good health and provides the right support to your body during long work hours. Not shopping for an ergonomic office chair can also lead to severe health conditions.

Moreover, not using the right chair during work can also decrease your focus and concentration, which will reduce your productivity. If you are not working on a comfortable chair, you will be taking frequent breaks as the pain coming from your body will need you to get up from the chair. Shopping for a good office chair will eliminate all the pain and urge to get from the chair.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, ergonomic office chairs are also durable, and if maintained well, they can last for years. On the other hand, they are investing in a poor quality chair which will demand frequent replacement.

Here are a few factors that will help when shopping for an ergonomic office chair.

Height-adjustable chair

The first and foremost factor you should consider while shopping for an ergonomic office chair is that it must offer an adjustable height. You must go with an office chair which offers an average adjusting height of 15 to 25 inches. When you sit on the chair, your feet must touch the ground, and your knees must bend by 90 degrees which are considered the best position for long work hours.

Seat of the chair

The seat of the chair is the place where you will sit on the chair; hence its depth and angle must contour to your body to eliminate back pain. According to recent research, taller people must go with deeper seats as they help in relaxing and provide the best support to their bodies. Ergonomic office chairs also offer angle adjusting seats which you can set according to your comfort.

Best lumbar support ergonomic chair

The prominent reason for shopping for an ergonomic office chair is you need lumbar support to reduce back and neck pain. There is no doubt that ergonomic office chairs provide a wide range of advantages but back and neck support is the most important factor when you are shopping for an ergonomic office chair. It will help you in maintaining correct posture hence reducing back and neck pain.

Go with a waterfall seat design

As the name suggests, waterfall seats have a round front edge, which provides adequate support to the lower thighs and neck; hence it will help you in maintaining a right posture. According to research, a waterfall seat design is perfect when the concern is about distributing the overall body weight, providing the best comfortable work experience.

Mesh chair vs. leather chair

Many people have to battle it out between leather and mesh chairs; hence finding the best out of the two options is a complicated task. We have compared the advantages and disadvantages of mesh vs leather chairs below.


The first and foremost factor which differentiates mesh and leather is comfort. The mesh fabric is breathable; hence it provides adequate ventilation to all the people when they are working. On the other hand, the leather chairs are perfect if you work in cold environments.


Mesh chairs don’t demand heavy maintenance as they are made up of a soft fabric that you can easily clean and maintain. At the same time, leather chairs cannot be easily cleaned as the leather will fade away when kept in sunlight.


Finally, the leather chair’s cost is quite higher compared to the mesh chair. The leather chair also looks visually appealing and offers a premium look when you have it in your cabin. So, when the concern is about looks, leather chairs outperform mesh chairs. 

Armrest and headrest of the chair

The armrest and headrest are the two most important parts of your chair as you will be resting your arm and head. Premium quality ergonomic office chairs provide the best headrest, and you can also adjust the height and the angle of the headrest based on your comfort. On the other hand, the solid armrest of the chair will also provide the right support for typing company letters or any other official document.


The average life span of a superior quality ergonomic office chair is 7-10 years; hence you will not have to replace it quickly like you used to do with your current poor quality chair. As you will be spending most of your time on this chair, it is advised to be patient and shop for the best option available in the market.

It is important for you to invest in an ergonomic office chair for work from home as it demands less maintenance and will boost your productivity at work. On the other hand, we all have personal preferences and choices; hence we have to embrace them while shopping for work from home products as working on a personalized chair will also boost our morale and self-confidence.

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