4 Different Kinds Of Driveways And Pathways Available For Homes And Businesses.


When it comes to improving the overall look of your home or business, there is nothing that looks better than a driveway or walkway around your property. It gives a look of professionalism for the average business owner and looks fantastic around your home. Not only does it look good, but it also adds value to your investment and is a great selling point should you decide to sell later. The most appropriate paving around your business will encourage prospective customers to come into your shop and have a look around.

There are a number of rated paving services in Oxford with over 20 years’ experience of this kind of work and who have multiple testimonies as to the quality of their work. Here are a few of the designs and materials that they can offer for your driveway or patio area.

  1. Pattern imprinted concrete is a very popular choice as it allows patterns to be created within the concrete itself. Different areas can have unique patterns and colours.
  2. Traditional block paving continues to be the driveway or patio area that you will see in most modern homes throughout the UK. This paving is incredibly strong and durable.
  3. Natural stone paving is making a great comeback for its obvious natural and clean look. It is also hard wearing and easy to take care off and a quick splash with the hose and it’s looking great again.
  4. Resin bonded paving not only looks great, but is protected from the wind and rain that we experience regularly here in the UK.

There is a wide range to choose from, so call into your local paving company today and see what they can offer you.












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