5 Home Improvement Ideas To Go Green This 2019


Are you planning on some home improvement projects this year? That’s an excellent way to invest your money. Know what an even better idea is? It is going green so you and the environment can benefit from it.

An eco-friendly home offers tons of benefits – from saving money and energy, higher ROI, and reducing your carbon footprint. You may not have a green home, but thankfully, there are lots of remodelling works you can do to turn your home into an eco-friendly one.

Here are 5 Home Improvement Ideas To Go Green This 2019.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

If you have an old AC unit, then it’s probably not as energy-efficient as it used to be. Appliances lose their efficiency over years of service, plus newer AC units are more energy-efficient, money saving and effective way to cool your home. If yours requires replacement, consider switching to evaporative AC units. These provide efficient cooling, better indoor quality air while reducing your energy usage thus saving you money. There are tons of suppliers of evaporative air conditioning Perth, and you can even choose online.

Wood or Composite Decking

If you’re up for a beautiful home addition that also offers a high return on investment, go and build yourself a deck – a wood or composite deck. There are lots of decking materials to choose from that are eco-friendly and yet durable, affordable and attractive. This will give your home an authentic and natural feel. You can get one that is low maintenance, stain resistant, weather resistant and easy to clean – depending on the materials you’d be using.

Low/No VOC Painting

When giving your home a new splash of colour, make sure to use low or no VOC paints. Unlike your regular paint, these are eco-friendly, odourless, quick-drying, less toxic and easier to clean. All you need to tidy it up after some time is to clean it with soap and water. Since no VOC paints are water-based, they almost don’t give off an unwanted smell of paint. These have lower concentrations of ozone layer contaminants and has less impact on your home’s air quality.

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Cool Roofs

Cool roofs, also called reflective roofs, are a better alternative to your average roof. Makers of such roofs design them to absorb less heat and more sunlight which in turn, lets you save money and energy. Since you won’t need to turn up your air conditioning a notch or turn down your heater just to effectively cool or heat your home, you save money on your energy bill. You can even get a tax credit of up to 10% by getting cool roofs installed in your home.

Double-Glazed Windows

Your windows can affect your home’s heating and cooling. This is why you need to think of ways to replace your old windows, and double-glazing your windows is one way to do it. Double-glazed windows can help insulate your home, reduce noise pollution, reduces damage to furnishings and is an added protection for your home. Since such windows are tougher to break, burglars and trespassers will have a hard time forcing them open and breaking into your home.

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