6 Tips To Care For Your Concrete Pathway And Driveway


When you have concrete pathways installed in your premises, it is something that prevents damage to the grass. Imagine driving over your grass every single day, wouldn’t it ruin it and make the garden look awful? 

Apart from preventing damage to your grass, it adds to the aesthetics while making a clear demarcation between the lawn and the path that takes you to the patio or the garage. While it is the experts who install concrete pathways in Sydney and help you with a driveway/pathway that has good longevity, you need to care for it equally. 

Simply using the best raw material doesn’t keep it intact for years. Here are a few tips to help you keep maintain it well. 

Sweep regularly :

If your child loves drawing with chalk on the concrete surface or probably loves the everyday game of hopscotch, remove the chalk stains once they are done with it. You wouldn’t want a permanent stain being left behind. When it rains, remember to remove leaf litter to prevent mould staining.  Experts agree that frequent sweeping would also prevent insects from making the pathway their movement route.  

Wash the pathway from time to time :

It could just be the use of the garden hose to wash the driveway and pathway whenever you can. Washing it keeps away sand, dirt, mud from the car types and other foreign material to settle themselves on the concrete. Washing with plain water regularly and using concrete cleaning liquids once in a while would keep it intact and prevent damage. 

Use sealants :

Any expert who deals with the installation of driveways and concrete pathways in Sydney would suggest using a sealant on the surface. This prevents any external material from causing damage or creating cracks. You wouldn’t want to repair the driveway often, especially when you have spent a considerable amount of money on its installation. Resealing the concrete surface frequently would protect it for a very long time. 

Avoid pressure washing if the concrete is old :

If you own a pathway that has been there for a very long time, avoid washing it with a pressure washer. The force of the water on the concrete may allow it to crack. If there are existing cracks, they may expand and cause further trouble. Installation experts for concrete pathways in Sydney suggest that a simple garden hose with less pressure should be sufficient for cleaning. 

Clean up oil spills soon :

If a car has been parked on the driveway and it is encountering a leak, ensure that you clean up the oil spill at the soonest. Ignoring it and not paying attention would leave a permanent stain. There are times when sealants to give way, especially when it hasn’t been resealed for a very long time. 

Keep chemicals away :

Chemicals as that of ammonium nitrates and sulfates in most cleaners are known to cause damage to the concrete in the days to come. Experts for concrete pathways in Sydney state that they are harsh, and when left for a very long time, it can cause corrosion to the concrete surface. Look out for natural cleaners which would not just clean the surface but protect it too. 

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