7 Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Home This 2019


Most people think going green means inconvenience and added expenses. However, what they fail to understand is that going green lets you save money, enjoy tons of benefits all the while shrinking your carbon footprint.

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2019 is the perfect year to go green, and the best place to start is your home. Here’s how you can create an eco-friendly home this year.

Consider Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels are an excellent investment not just because they have significant environmental benefits. These can help protect you against increased energy charges, they have low maintenance cost plus these can add real value to your home. By finding a good company that sells high-quality solar panels Mandurah, you can even get big rebates in return.

Say Yes to Natural Cleaning Products

There’s nothing more harmful to you and the environment than the harsh chemicals you use in your home. Yes, they can help clean your house effectively – however, these all end up in the environment afterwards. By skipping the chemicals and embracing natural products to clean your home, you can still effectively keep it nice and clean minus the caustic effects.

Call Your Plumber

Sometimes, we often fuss more about our energy consumption but fail to forget about water. Some parts of the world have people who have no clean water supply, yet here we are taking it for granted. So, it’s time to call your trusted plumber, have them fix any leaks and switch to low-flow water fixtures as these help save-water and reduces clog-problems.

Maintain Your HVAC Regularly

Regular maintenances of your HVAC helps it to run effectively and efficiently, last longer and save money on repairs which can be costly. Since most HVAC systems are eco-friendly, maintaining your unit helps keep a comfortable temperature and reduce the negative impacts your HVAC has on the environment.

Switch to LEDs

You will never miss this advice when it comes to ways on how to go green. Switching your light bulbs to LEDs will help you lower your energy consumption, lets you save money while giving Mother Earth a favour. You get a long lasting light source that you won’t need to get rid of for many years to come.

Choose Sustainable Materials

When doing home improvement projects, it’s best to stick to sustainable materials. Why? Because such materials are affordable, long-lasting, are attractive, helps conserve energy and enables you to save cash in the long run. Experts and green homeowners even claim that a home with sustainable materials is a lot healthier and comfortable compared to its synthetic counterparts.

Don’t take Landscaping for Granted

Landscaping your yard is not only meant to add a visual impact on your home and to increase your home value, but it can also help you trim down cooling costs. Having a greener space gives a cooling effect, lets you feel in tune with nature, feel happier, have a better mood, and it supports the environment.

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Get a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can help slash your energy bills. This lets you monitor your HVAC systems, maintain a consistent temperature, spend less time adjusting your thermostat and all in all, increase the efficiency of your home.

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