Bear These Tips in Mind When Choosing Your Next Set of Curtains


If you want to make one small change that guarantees to make a significant impact on your home’s overall style, you might want to consider purchasing new curtains. With new curtains, you can add new colours to a room while modernising its appearance. Plus, with so many options available, there’s bound to be something that matches your stylistic preferences.

  • Choose the right length

Do you want your curtains to just cover your windows or extend all the way down to the floor?

  • Think about which fabric to purchase

Sheer and cotton curtains let in the most sunlight while blackout blinds completely block natural sunlight, perfect for those who need to sleep during the day.

  • Select your hardware

Think about what kind of hardware you want to hang your blinds on. Timber poles are perfect if you want to achieve a traditional appearance, but you might opt for metal poles if you want to inject a sense of contemporary style into your home.

  • Choose the right colour

It’s important to purchase blinds that won’t clash with your existing furniture, such as any other upholstery and the flooring and wallpaper.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect blinds for your home, then visit a Dartford curtains store and ask for recommendations. Provided you visit a shop with highly experienced staff, you can feel confident that you’ll leave with curtains you’ll adore for years.

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