Does the filter have to be steeped in water all the time


Regular irrigation of the organism is a must. Especially, in hot days. Appliances which filter water help us with this issue. Thanks to them we have a permanent access to clean, tasty water which we can drink within 12 hours. But, which filter to choose, how much is it and what to do with it when we know we will not be at home for a longer time? We will try to answer these questions in the following article.

Kids of filters for Dafi pitchers

Each of us has different tastes and need particular elements to a greater or lesser extent. Producer Dafi prepared in its offer several filters, including:

–  classic- it includes a  filter mixture which consists of ion exchange resin and activated carbon. Its task is to reduce hardness of water, heavy metals, chlorine and other substances that unfavorably affect the taste of tap water.

– enriched with magnesium- apart of basic tasks ( purification of water from unwanted substances) provides 20% of the daily requirement for this element.

– Ph+ filter- its task is to increase the pH of water. Water which is filtered becomes purified and, additionally, it helps to fight acidification of the organism caused by a diet rich in meat, cereals and carbonated beverages.

The advantage of all of the filters is their versality – they fit most pitchers from other manufacturers.

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Dafi filters for a longer period of non-use

A producer advises to keep the filter all the time in water- then the product works properly. But, if we forget about it, we should not worry about the condition of water. The same situation is in the case of Dafi bottles, when we exchange it a few days after a „deadline”- that is, four weeks.

If the absence is going to be prolonged, the best solution is to empty the pitcher because after over a dozen hours water inside can be not fresh. A filter for a pitcher works efficiently even if it is dry for some time. But, it is advised to keep it in a cold but not humid place ( for instance: in a fridge).

Filters exchange

Pitchers are equipped in indicators of water exchange. The diode installed in it flashes, informing us that we should purchase a new cartridge. The period of using the filter finishes about 4 weeks or after filtering 100- 150 l of water ( or 150- 200 l in the case of a bigger, Unimax filter). The cost of a filter starts from about 3.4 USD. The producer provided a possibility to buy a set of several filters.

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