Does Your Roof Need Some Repairs and Maintenance


The roof is generally not something that most people think about but without it, we’d be exposed to all of the elements. It keeps out rain, sun, snow, and wind but it also takes damage over time as a result. If it has been a while since you last looked at your roof, you might be surprised at how minor damage can lead to bug problems.

Knowing When to Call a Roofer

The good news is that a qualified roofing company in Chichester can provide a variety of services including leadwork, roof repair, and total roof replacement. They can work with any type of roof including pitched roofs and heritage-listed buildings.

So, when should you call out an expert roof to have a look at your roof? Consider the following:

  • Leaking: The biggest sign of a roof that needs some repairs is a leaking one. When there is damage to the roof in the form of holes and cracks, this can allow rainwater to get inside. When this happens, it can damage insulation, electrical wiring, wooden battens, and other structural elements. This can also be expensive to fix. If you notice any cracked or dislodged tiles, call out a roofer as soon as you can.
  • Water Damage: When rain does get into your roof, it will cause water damage. If you notice any black, brown, or grey spots or patches on your ceilings or walls, this is likely to be water damage from a leaking roof. You may also smell the mustiness of black mould.

Always Call the Experts

Your roof is very important but it needs to be well maintained. If you notice any problems, you should call a local roofing company as soon as you can.



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