How to Brighten Up your Office on a Limited Budget


We all know that a nice working environment brings out the best in people, and if your office décor has seen better days, it doesn’t have to be a major project to brighten things up a little. For a very reasonable cost, you could implement any of the following to inject some life into your working space.

  1. Replace the Carpet – This is not as expensive as you might think, especially with the low cost of commercial carpet tiles in Leeds from an established supplier. Contract carpeting is tax deductible, and the hardwearing tiles will last a good few years, so talk to a local commercial carpet contractor and see what they can do for you.
  2. Painting & Decorating – This doesn’t have to be a complete renovation, and by carefully choosing the walls that are most in need of a repaint, you can achieve a lot for a minimal outlay. The reception area would be one to focus on, and with some nice LED lighting, your entrance area will be more inviting.
  3. Artificial Plants – Very cost-effective, adding some stylish and elegant artificial plants will certainly make the office a lot brighter, and with a contract, they will change the items frequently, which makes for a refreshing change.
  4. Tasteful Wall Art – Fill those expanses of bare wall with some stylish, contemporary prints, and this will make the office look more colourful and inviting. Add a few ultra-positive quotes to keep your staff on the ball, and boost the appeal of your office with tasteful and inexpensive wall art.

Any of the above can be done with a small budget, and with a little creativity, you can transform your office space into something that people love to be exposed to.

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