Kitchen Renovations: Is Laminate the Right Choice?


Many homeowners are curious about laminate flooring when it comes to kitchen renovations, they aren’t sure whether it is an appropriate option for this area of your home. Laminate is a preferred choice for many people trying to mimic the look of wood without the cost. It has numerous benefits which include cheap installation, low maintenance and high durability.

If you discuss the benefits of laminate flooring in your kitchen with a knowledgeable carpet company in Penzance, they’ll be able to help you make a more informed decision. Along with the material, you should also consider various other factors when selecting flooring for your kitchen.

  • Traffic flow
  • Durability
  • Room size
  • Colour & style
  • Affordability

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The kitchen is a busy area, especially if you’ve got children or pets, even more so if you like to do a lot of cooking. Laminate flooring is extremely durable, it is a very long-lasting material that can stand up to all kinds of wear and tear. It contains numerous layers, each one is designed to keep it robust and moisture free.

Maintenance Requirements

Your kitchen floor experiences plenty of spills, stains and other dirt issues, so choosing a material which is easy to maintain is imperative. Laminate flooring doesn’t need much attention, you can clean away dirt using a vacuum or brush. To keep its visual appeal, it only needs to be mopped when it gets really messy.

Laminate flooring can easily work as a kitchen floor, it is robust, economical, easy to maintain and aesthetically striking, it can also mimic many other materials.

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