Preparing for Summer Storm? Ensure the Sump Pump is Ready for Challenge


During summer times, storms or heavy rains become an inevitable occurrence. While people cherish the warm weather and the soothing sound of rain on their rooftops, they often overlook the aftermath of these storms. It is essential to ensure the sump pump is in optimal condition before it is actually required to deal with any Emergency Plumber in North Charlotte. Since emergencies can happen anytime, this article will share several ways to prepare the sump pump for the upcoming season.

5 Essential Steps to Prepare Sump Pump for Emergencies

A sump pump removes surplus water from the basin. It is primarily installed in the lowest area of a house, such as a basement. Here are 5 tips for sump pump preparation.

Inspect the Pump is Connected

Homeowners should ensure that their sump pump is connected to a functional outlet. Surprisingly, many homeowners find their sump pumps unplugged or connected to an outlet that no longer supplies power. Since the sump pump operates on electricity, any issues with the working outlet should prompt a call to an electrician or Emergency Plumber in North Charlotte for proper diagnosis and resolution.

Test the Working Condition

As summer storms approach, homeowners should ensure the sump pump is working perfectly. To test it, the homeowner should fill the sump pump pit with adequate water and observe if it activates to remove the water. They should also ensure it switches off when the pit is empty. If the pump fails to perform as expected, it needs immediate attention and necessary repairs.

Clean it Thoroughly

Cleaning the sump pump at least once a year is essential. For this, the homeowner should begin by carefully carrying it outside in a large container to prevent any spills. They can use a hose, rinse off the pump and clean out any debris. Once cleaned, the pump should be left to dry completely before reassembling. The homeowner should also clear the sump pit by draining any standing water and removing accumulated dust.

Check the Signs of Corrosion or Noisy Pump

Homeowners should be vigilant about signs of corrosion or unusual sounds coming from their sump pump. For instance, if the pump emits excessive noise or abnormal vibration, it indicates damage and may need repair or replacement. Following a thorough inspection, the plumber can provide required insights about repairing or replacement plans during emergencies.

Be Prepared with a Backup System

During summertime, power outages are a common occurrence, which can render a sump pump ineffective. To address this issue, having a backup system is essential to ensure continuous protection. Therefore, a homeowner should inspect their battery backup, and check the battery is fully charged. Alternatively, they can purchase a sump pump that comes with a water-powered backup. This pump remains operational even during power cuts.


The sump pumps are designed for long-term use and are durable. By having sump pumps in these basement areas, homeowners can transform ground-level and below-ground rooms into appealing and usable living spaces. Therefore, to effectively deal with storms and an emergency in Plumber North Charlotte, individuals should consider the steps mentioned earlier.

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