Signs that you need to repair your timber floors


The first sign that you need to repair your timber floors in Northern Beaches is that your floor is being damaged by water. In fact, people who are knowledgeable in this regard know the extent of damage that can be wreaked on such floors by water. In case you see a leak in your floor or water standing on the floor the first thing that you need to do is dry it out as soon as you can. The companies that provide repair services have specialized equipment that is meant to deal effectively with such issues. They use the likes of drying fans and wet vacuums.

Lots of scratches

When you see a lot of scratches on your timber floors in Northern Beaches it is time to repair the floor. When you have hardwood floors you would have scratches. This is something that you cannot avoid. However, there are always some indications which tell you that it is definitely the time to refinish the floor. The clearest indicator, in this case, is when you have lots of scratches and they are covering a lot of areas as well. At times, these scratches do not extend beyond the stain, which means it is a cosmetic issue at best.

Chips and large gouges

Your timber floors in Northern Beaches may have large gouges or it may have chips. There could be several reasons why your floor may have suffered from such damage. It could be because of movers, pets, or kids. These areas of damage are rather deep and they need to be attended to within a short time as well. If your floor has a chip or deep gouge water could seep into the wood as well. There could be splinters as well and this could end up hurting your family as well.


At times, people think that when their timber floors in Northern Beaches are turning grey it is just a sign of the fact that they are aging. However, the truth is that it is not so. It is a sign that your floors are being damaged and you have to refinish them as soon as you can. These floors usually come with polyurethane protection and with time they start to wear off. This means that water starts seeping into the wood. The thing is that you do not need lots of water for such damage to happen.

Extensive staining

Staining can happen to your timber floors in Northern Beaches. This becomes especially true when you have kids of your own. The chances are that you would not be able to prevent them on the whole. This means that you would have to learn how to do all the mediation that is possible. The rest, you would have to simply bear with it. However, there would always come a point when these stains would become too much for you to deal with. Then you would have to repair the timber floors. This is also applicable when you are looking to sell your home.

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