Slate Pavers, Their Benefits and Choosing The Right Paving Material


Beautifully designed home gardens not only improve the looks of our living apartments but also impress the visitors. The latter do not help appreciating the designer entrance paths that are built with slate paving   that have become the preferred choice of millions across the globe.

Slate paving has become much popular because of its following benefits:

  1. Dealing with cement or concrete pavers is quite cumbersome while doing so with slave pavers is quite easy. These natural products give enchanting looks with rustic appearances while the concrete patio or walk away paths with cement plasters are not so attractive.
  2. Cutting off the slate pavers is quite convenient and it is easy to fit around the particular areas and meet the specific needs.
  3. Available in different colors and natural graining; slate pavers are the trends that are liked by all.
  4. Repairing the damaged slate pavers is quite easy. Just remove the defective one and replace it with the fresh piece.
  5. Slate paving is one of the best procedures that are easy and cost saving. Building the gardens with slate pavers is one of the best methods that suit the plants and other things in the garden. Slate pavers do not harm the greenery in any manner whereas it may fall victim to damages with cement and other materials. Slate paved surfaces contribute greatly to paved surfaces throughout the year.

Choosing the right material – Home gardens need to be built with the right materials. Following tips may be followed to choose the right one:

Paving materials are of two categories, i.e. composite material and quarried stone. The latter, i.e. slate or granite is made available through digging process, followed by shaping through crushing, cutting or splitting. Precast concrete pavers or bricks falling under the composite materials are prepared by molding and heating etc.

Both types of paving materials are associated with their respective pros and cons. The choice may depend upon locations and uses. The right choice can be made by going into the particular needs and the areas marked for home gardens.

Sandstones are available in different ranges and colors and easy for installation. Granite is associated with attractive texture and easy for working with. But it may become weedy after some time.

Slates are available in attractive shapes and easy for reshaping. But they are prone to extreme moisture. Granite is more durable and available in variety of colors. But it is difficult to work with. Evenly colored, limestone is also easily shapeable. Few color choices and susceptibility to acid rains is the limitations associated with this material.

The above points may be borne in mind before bringing home the paving material, i.e. slate paving or granite etc. Other factors, i.e. costs, availability, particular area and one’s specific needs must also be taken into consideration before purchasing the material. Choice of the particular material differs from person to person. But no compromise should ever be made with the worth of paving material. Paying few extra dollars is wise rather than buying the substandard one.

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