Solar Power: The infinite Source of Energy


Power through solar is important to have a clean energy future. Daily, the sun gives off a huge amount of energy which is then the need to power all on earth. Solar energy is an advanced technology that is used to harness the sun’s energy in order to make it useable. It is basically the conversion of sunlight energy into electrical energy. For this purpose, it uses photovoltaics (PV) which collects the solar energy. These photovoltaic cells are made of semiconductor materials such as silicon. When sunlight hits the cell, the electrons start shaking vigorously that it lose their valence shell electron and due to a bulk of generated free electrons, there is a flow of electricity.

In past years, renewable energies are taking over the conventional power generation systems. Solar energy is on the top of the list, it is the most accepted and growing field in the sector of power generation. It has a number of benefits that make this technology more acceptable. It started with a small level like a distributed generation system for the household level. But today it has grown ta a national level. A number of general industrial machinery have started building solar panels to make this energy accessible for everyone.

Benefits of Solar using Solar Power

The main key benefits of using solar panels are as follows:

  1. Environment-Friendly

Unlike energy from any other source like coal, biomass or nuclear, solar energy processes no harmful carbon emissions and the environment remains free from global warming or atmospheric pollution.

  1. Eliminates Water Crises

Power generation through solar also saves water which is the natural resource that is getting fewer day by day. Research demonstrates that the generating power from solar panels saves almost 90 percent water in comparison to the energy production from coal.

  1. Endless Source

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy which is available in a bulk. It large availability makes it be a never-ending resource which can create an emblem on technology and mark itself to be a worthy solution for the generation of electricity.

  1. Pollution Free

This resource is very beneficial for humans as it doesn’t contain any toxic substance to be released while production. It is free from water, air and land pollution, making it be one of the finest resources at present that can be used to generate electric power easily and efficiently.


  1. There is not a constant amount of sunlight that falls on a specific surface. The sunlight varies depending on the time, location and even weather conditions
  2. The quantity of sunlight getting to a square foot of the earth superficial, is relatively less, so a large surface area is required to absorb or gather a useful amount of energy.

Regardless of the disadvantages, the use of solar energy has surged to a level of about 20 percent a year in the past 15 years, cheers to the rapidly dropping prices and gains in efficiency.

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