These Furniture Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2019


Interior design can be a whirlwind of trends that are in for a year, and are gone just as fast as they arrived, especially in regards to evolving furniture ideas. This year, interior designers everywhere are taking note of which trends hold value and have staying power, and will keep your home looking sharp for years to come. So if you’re searching for a few ideas to revitalize your home through a quick refresh, take note of these trends and see if they suit your home.

Sustainable Materials

Many often aim for a natural, more organic look when curating the right pieces of furniture for their interior design, looking to things like live edge tables and reclaimed doors as anchors for their room. In 2019, interior designers and customers alike are interested in both longevity and sustainability in order to reduce waste, and are looking to more natural materials to fulfill this idea. Instead of purchasing new pieces to be manufactured, they’re looking to local artisans that use reclaimed materials to produce furniture, or vintage pieces that deserve a second life.

Not only does this bring that raw, untreated look that homeowners find to be stylish, but when using sustainable materials you are lessening your environmental footprint. Sustainable materials can be found when sourcing pieces made of natural stone and natural fabrics, and provide an enviable amount of texture and intricacy that a newly-manufactured piece or a replica cannot do with the same authenticity.

Curved Furniture

More traditional shapes and styles of furniture have typically referenced more angular shapes, made to fit against the perimeter of a room, or create a grid-like sense of symmetry within a room. More contemporary pieces, on the other hand, have turned this idea on its head. You’ll notice pieces with less rigidity evoke a more playful feeling, and create a different tone in the room. Headboards, which have in the past been less about statement-making and more about providing a solid foundation to encase your bed, have now taken on different shapes to take center stage.

The same goes for the tired rectangular shapes of coffee tables and end tables. The inclusion of rounded shapes is used to juxtapose the harsh angular edges against a clean curve, adding layers and dimension to a room.

Memphis Influence

Memphis design, known for its loud, in your face pastels, jarring patterns, and mentality of more-is-more, is coming back in a more subtle way. While not entirely functional in the past, designers have taken note of what worked and included it at a much smaller scale so that it can appear more digestible for consumers. Pastel hues and patterns are reworked to be more pared down, and maximalism is done with a careful edit with a close attention to lines and layering. The occasional kitschy over the top piece makes an appearance, as no room would be influenced by Memphis style without one. Look to unusually bold and unapologetic pieces outfitted in pastels to bring some of this vitality to your home.


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