Top Signs You Need a New Roof


When your roof starts to give you problems, you realize how much you depend on it. A roof protects you, your possessions and saves energy, too. Roofs take the brunt of the elements but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Here are the top signs it’s time to invest in a new roof.

Leaks Don’t Stay Patched

A roof that leaks is stressful because you’re always worried about the weather. There are many reasons roofs spring leaks, but if you’re dealing with several that don’t stay patched, it’s time to call roofing contractors in Daytona Beach FL. Once your roof is replaced, the constant worry disappears.

Shingles Are Blowing Off

Another sign it’s time to replace a roof is if shingles are blowing off into the yard. You might also find asphalt granules accumulating around the perimeter of your home after it rains. If you look up at your roof and also see missing or curled shingles, it’s time to call your roofer.

Moss Is Growing on Roof

If you were to walk around your neighborhood, you might see several roofs with green moss on them. While this isn’t uncommon, it’s not a good sign. Moss grows on roofs because there’s moisture under the shingles that results in rot. You can brush moss off, but it will grow right back until the roof is replaced.

Neighbors Are Getting Roofs

Houses in the same neighborhood are generally built around the same time. When your neighbors are getting new roofs, it’s a good indicator of your roof’s age. If you’re experiencing any problems with your roof or it just looks old, it’s time for an inspection.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. If you’re experiencing leaks or missing shingles, it’s time for a replacement and an end to the worry.

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