Ultimate Guide of Tiles versus timber flooring in Narellan


When it comes to flooring people always prefer hard flooring because they can be easily cleaned and require very little cost for maintenance. If you have any allergies then you can select hard flooring for your house because hard flooring is free from pollens, animal dander, and allergens. They also prevent the floor from accumulating dust. In hard flooring, there are plenty of options available so you can select that one which suits your budget and other requirements. Some of the options available in hard flooring are cork, vinyl, rubber, timber, and tile. In the above-mentioned list of options tile and timber are the commonly used flooring type in Narellan.  

Timber Flooring in Narellan :

You can design your house floor with different patterns and colours as you wish since they are available in multiple colours and shades. Timber flooring will give a traditional look to your house. If you need a simple look then you can select solid plank flooring. If you are planning to renovate the existing floor then it is suggested to choose floating type timber floorings  Floating type timber flooring can be fixed over the existing floor with the help of nails. 

Timber flooring in Narellan is very comfortable and long-lasting. It also prevents an allergic agent which are more common in the fibre flooring. If there is a crack on the floor then you must do re-coating or sand back the timber floor. This is very expensive so that you should be careful while handling heavy objects on the timber floor. 

Installing quality timber floors is very important. The blanks should be properly sealed to prevent the floor from chemical and stain. Structural timber flooring is installed on joists and bearers for better function. The common width size of the structural timber flooring is 100 cm to 150 cm. It takes a long time for installing the timber floor. The professional workers should be used for installing a timber floor. It is recommended to leave the timber for two weeks to accustom to the new climate. 

The cost of Timber flooring depends on the grade of timber used. There are three grades of timber available for flooring. Timbers with natural variation are very cheap and the next grade is on medium quality and if there is no defect in the timber then it is very costly. You can select the thickness of the timber the standard thickness that is commonly used is 19mm. 

Blackbutt, brush box and jarrah are the commonly used species for timber flooring. Floating timber flooring and bamboo flooring are the other commonly used timber flooring type.


Tiles are available in plenty of designs and shapes. Natural, ceramic and manmade are the different range of tiles available in the market. Some of the natural materials used for flooring are shell stone, limestone, travertine. Porcelain tile is a ceramic type. They are very easy to maintain and can hold heavy weight objects. Vitrified and glazed are the two types of porcelain tiles. 

Some of the other materials used for hard flooring are rubber, cork, polished concrete and vinyl.

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