Water filters. Which water filter should I choose


Water filtration at home is an excellent alternative to bottled water, bought in stores. It is not only much cheaper, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.It reduces the production of waste, in particular plastic (one removable filter can replace up to 300 half-litre PET bottles, thanks to which we can reduce plastic production by about 26.4 kgper year). In addition, the filters are fully biodegradable, so they are not harmful to the natural environment.

Dafi filters purify water from chlorine and other organic pollutants, improving its taste and

aroma. Thanks to different types of filters, each user will find a suitable option:

Dafi Standard Filter is the optimal solution and ensures excellent quality of water purification, reduces the level of hardness, thanks to which water is suitable for both direct consumption and for use in household appliances,

– Dafi MineralUp Filter – in addition to purification, it enriches water with magnesium ions, an element important for the functioning of the whole organism, in particular the heart and nervous system,

– Dafi AntiLime Filter perfectly cleanses water from impurities and softens it thanks to high reduction of the hardness level, i.e. reduces the content of calcium and magnesium salts causing scale deposition; it is especially recommended when the water is used in many kitchen appliances, like a kettle, a coffee maker, a fridge with a distributor, etc.

– Dafi AlkalineUp Filter – alkaline-generating filter increases the pH of water and gives it a negative oxidation-reduction potential and removes the highest degree of chlorine and organic pollutants; this filter is the best alternative for bottled water.

Regardless of whether we use a jug or a bottle, to make the filters function properly, regular replacement is essential. It should be done every 4 weeks, thanks to which the water filtration process will be the most effective and the water obtained is always clean and healthy. It should also be remembered not to expose bottles and jugs to direct sunlight, as this may have an adverse effect on water.

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