What Are the Peripherals on a Roof?


Your roof is made up of many different components, and far more than you can see. The internal section is the framework and is usually made from timber, and the exterior requires a number of add-ons, which are as follows:

  • Flashing – Either crafted from lead or stainless steel, the flashing cover sections where tiles meet brickwork. If the flashing is damaged, this could result in water entering the internal roof structure. If fixed properly, the flashing should not malfunction, and storm damage is the main culprit with flashing damage.
  • Guttering – Essential for providing a channel for rainwater to escape, your guttering is prone to blockages, especially if there are overhanging trees involved. You need to inspect the guttering often, and clean all of the sections, freeing wet leaves and small twigs. With affordable uPVC guttering in Oxford, you can quickly find a solution should your guttering fail you.
  • Fascia & Soffit – Made from either timber or UPVC, these boards must be in good order, as they protect the roof line from water penetration. The aesthetic value of both allow you to choose a contrasting colour, and with regular inspections, you will soon know if there are issues.
  • Skylights – If you have had a loft conversion or are using the loft for anything other than storage, a few skylights will provide natural lighting. With openings, the skylights offer ideal ventilation, which is important if you plan to use the space.

Your roof is a complex combination of many separate components, and each requires a little attention now and then.

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