What Could Go Wrong With My Roof?


Your roof provides essential protection for your home, and as it is always exposed to the environment, it can easily become damaged. Slate roof tiles can be lifted by gale force winds, and then you have flying debris, constant sunshine and driving rain, all of which can damage your roof. Rainwater is your number one enemy, and should the roof’s surface be compromised, water can enter the internal structure, which is the start of major problems.

  • Missing Roof Tiles – A common occurrence, and any missing tiles should be replaced as soon as possible, as rainwater can penetrate the plywood interior, and a heavy deluge of rain is all it takes to create havoc.
  • Malfunctioning Guttering – The guttering system is designed to collect and channel excess rainwater down to the ground, and should the channel become blocked, this will result in rainwater running down your exterior walls. Guttering should be cleaned out regularly, and with the best roofing services in Southampton just a phone call away, your essential guttering will always be free of obstruction.
  • Chimney Damage – The chimney sits above the roofline, which means it has to take the full brunt of the weather, and repointing is usually needed. The flashing around the chimney provides an essential seal and if this should ever be compromised, water damage will occur.

The best way to approach roof maintenance is to enlist the help of your local roofer, and any repairs can be promptly carried out by a specialist.

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