What Does Extending the Home Entail


If you have decided to extend your living space, there is indeed much to consider. Aside from the cost, you also have to have the extension designed by an architect and the plans must be approved by the local council. The first step in to talk to a local builder who can inspect the property and see exactly where an extension could be added, and once you know your options, you can make a decision.

Designing the Extension

There are several methods to extend your home, which include:

  • Single storey (rear)
  • Single storey (side)
  • Two storey extension (side or rear)
  • Stand-alone structure

Applying for Planning Permission

Once you have chosen a design and the architect has drawn up the plans, they need to be approved by the local council prior to any work commencing. The architect would know what is allowed and what is not and with his expertise, the plans should be approved.

Choosing the Builder

This is something that requires careful thought, as your choice of builder could make all the difference. Fortunately, there are affordable builders in Harrogate who can handle such a project, and with a firm budget in mind, you can ask a couple of builders to quote for the project. It is important to use quality materials, as this will ensure that the extension stands the test of time, and if your budget is on the low side, consider topping up your mortage.

Summer is the best time to have an extension built and by planning in the spring, the work should be completed before the winter arrives.

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