3 simple decoration tips for your hair salon

How to properly approach the arrangement of a hairdressing salon?

For many women, the hairdressing salon is an oasis of well-being, where they can relax from the stress of everyday life and finally concentrate on themselves. However, not only professional service and high quality of services contribute to a pleasant customer experience, but also the tasteful interior of the salon. We’ll show you tips on how to spice up your hair salon in just a few steps.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

A well-lit mirror is the be-all and end-all of any hair salon. In addition to its practical function, it can also play an aesthetic role. With a decorative frame you can quickly create a special effect in the room and give it a rustic, modern or vintage character as you wish.

Decoration on the head and on the wall

Just as you can’t imagine a clothing store without female mannequins, wig heads are an important element of any hair salon. Wigs not only present beautiful hairstyles, but also introduce a subtle retro climate into the interior. A modern alternative are large posters showing the latest haircuts and the trendiest hair colorations.
Plants – life giving decorations

Plants belong to decorations that you would not expect in a hair salon. This is a mistake! The green color has a calming effect and enlivens the room. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose low-labor succulents. On the other hand, you can create a luxurious look with a vertical garden on the wall.

Walls covered with moss or its imitation have become very popular in recent years. There are already companies that specialize in this type of decoration.

A large aquarium can also be an interesting idea. It has been proven that watching fish move around in an aquarium has a calming effect on humans. However, it is a very labor-intensive decoration, and fish, like any other living animal, require proper care, which may be a problem in the case of non-working days or holidays, during which the salon is not working.

The choice of decor for your salon should be consistent with your personality and reach customers who will be your target group.

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