What to Say When Calling a Plumber


Calling a plumber is easy but knowing what to tell them isn’t. You must relay the right information for them to troubleshoot your plumbing issues properly. Most of the time, you’re on a mental blackout due to stress from a plumbing emergency. The best thing to do is to first get out and get some fresh air to breathe. Then, grab a pen and paper to write down things you think your plumber might be interested to know. To get started, here’s a guide on what to say when calling a plumber

Calling a Plumber for the First Time

If you’re calling plumbers Matraville for the first time, you may be a little cautious as you’re not too sure of what to ask for. But this can be easy if you have written down things related to your plumbing issue. Jot down as much information as you can so as not to forget small points that might be helpful to a plumber. Remember that what you say when you call a plumber gives him a better idea of the plumbing issue and makes him better prepared to carry out the repair. For non-urgent plumbing needs, it may benefit if you do some research in advance. You may want to search and compare new boilers or upgrades costing. You may want to find different solutions to cooling or heating. Or you may simply be interested to know the latest solutions to a pipe replacement. Having little knowledge of the work you want your plumber to do can make the process easier and streamline the exchange.

What to Say When Calling a Plumber

Here are 5 basic pieces of information you need to say when calling plumbers in Matraville.

First, you need to provide your name, address, and contact number. This sounds so obvious, right! But you might be surprised that most of us rush right to the plumbing details. Afterward, they forget to tell who they are and where the plumber’s help is needed. Besides, providing your contact details can help your plumber estimate how quickly they can get to your location. So, you can ask them how quickly a plumber can arrive.

Second, it’s also important to describe the problem to plumbers in Matraville. Tell them if it is an emergency or not. You may also need to say what have you done to troubleshoot the issue. Have you turned off the valve? Or shut down the water supply? If there’s nothing you have done, they may advise you what you can do to keep your place in good shape while waiting for them.

Third, let them know your availability. Are you the one receiving them when they go to your place or is it somebody else? This little gesture can mean a lot. It gives plumbers in Matraville an idea of how they will deal with the plumbing issues the moment they arrive on the scene. As such, you can also ask the plumber when they are coming and how long the repair may take. 

After discussing the above-mentioned details, it’s also important to ask the plumber about insurance and warranties. We tend to forget these things, especially during plumbing emergencies. But these things can protect your property and your rights as a client. Plumbers in Matraville commonly have liability insurance. It’s a guarantee that you’ll get compensated in case your property is damaged due to the plumbing works. Plumbers in Matraville also provide warranties for their materials and workmanship. Never hire a plumber who doesn’t offer a warranty because it’s a standard in the plumbing industry. This is to be assured that the plumbers stand by their work and will deliver quality workmanship.

Last, always remember to ask for written documents related to your plumbing problems. These may include the details of the materials used in the repair, invoice, job order, and warranty coverage.

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