A Guide to General Building Maintenance


Every building is subject to wear and tear, especially with the harsh climate we have in the UK, and this means that your property should be regularly maintained. Of course, you could forget about building maintenance and just wait until something goes wrong and have it repaired, which might seem a more cost-effective option, yet without regular maintenance, you are likely to have some heavy maintenance bills further down the road.

Regular Roof Inspections – Having your roof inspected every year will certainly reduce the risk of serious repairs, and like most things, roofing issues only get worse if not addressed promptly. Luckily, there are affordable new roofs in Derby, by local roofers who would be happy to carry out a roof inspection, and they would issue you with a written report that details the condition of the roof.

  • Exterior Walls – Whatever material your home is made from, the exterior walls have to endure non-stop punishment from wind, rain and sun, and unless you have applied a protective sealant or coating, the walls might need some remedial work carried out.
  • Timber Treatment – If your windows and doors are made from timber, they will likely need some treatment. Either another coat of paint or some varnish will help to keep the weather at bay, while fencing and other timber features should also be treated.
  • Rising Damp – This is a serious problem in the UK, as the cold, damp climate is an ideal breeding ground for rising damp. If your property was built before 1970, it is more at risk from dampness, and your local builder can inspect the property for signs of dampness.

With an annual building inspection, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your home is in good condition, and any repairs can be quickly carried out.

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