Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for the Construction Industry


There was once a time when the only scaffolding available involved heavy steel pipes and bulky connectors, yet thanks to technological advances, we now have aluminium access towers that are easily assembled and moved. This means safe platforms can quickly be erected, saving the customer money, while still providing a safe working platform that meets the high standards of the UK government.

Aluminium Access Towers

Mobile aluminium access towers can safely reach a height of 8.2m, with a free-standing unit, and can have platforms at intermediate heights of 2,3 or 4m. By discussing your scaffolding needs with scaffolding erectors & hirers in Kent who are experienced in all forms of domestic and commercial scaffolding, you can quickly decide on the best solution for your project. There are:

  • Mobile Access Towers
  • Static Access Towers

The tower can be designed specifically for the job, which really helps, and by asking the contractor to pay you an on-site visit, he can get a clearer idea of what your needs are.

Narrow Width Towers

There are times when you need to have a narrow platform, and with a width of 0.85m, they are perfect for stairways and tight spaces where regular scaffolding is not an option. Asking a local supplier to visit you on-site will help you to make the right scaffolding choices, and with many years of hands-on experience, the local scaffolder can handle any situation.

Certified as Safe

A reputable scaffolding erector would comply with building regulations when erecting scaffolding, and whether for a domestic or commercial project, your local scaffolding contractor would have a range of solutions.

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