Bespoke Artificial Walling for creating a unique look to your home or office


People love to make their living room or office space revitalize with the beautiful ambiance and positive vibes. Artificial greenery can be a suitable solution for them. Think of an artificial green wall with interlocking panels using faux plants. High-quality green walls are long-lasting and require less maintenance. And bespoke artificial walling is very popular these days for both residential and commercial projects.

For a timeless decor

Everybody loves the serene and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, be it their home or office space. And, they can give a timeless decor to their interiors with artificial plants because these are dynamic decorative items. Many designers and architects use green walls to make their decor eye-catching. Even if these artificial walls are made from plastic, it can make non-gardeners happy.

One of the great features of artificial green walls is that they are available in different sizes and shapes. Most of them come with individual panels, easy to mix, and match for creating a unique appearance. Many people prefer to make custom artificial walls by mixing and matching different types of plants and greenery.

Get an idea of installation of artificial walling

A great attraction of bespoke artificial walling is that it can install almost all surfaces. If you want green artificial walls for your home or office, get an idea of how they install on your surfaces:

  • Use screws, expansion tube, electric grills, or iron grid panels for concrete walls
  • Attach artificial plant panels on fences with zip tiles.
  • use timber screws to fix artificial plants on timber surfaces
  • Utilize cable ties in the case of wire fence to hold plant panels in place
  • Metal screws are ideal for fixing plants on the color bond fence
  • If you look for large artificial walls for any commercial project, you can consider approaching a professional in this field.

Benefits of artificial green walls

Think of artificial walls as it is the replica of real green walls. With high-quality panels of artificial plants and greenery, it is easy to make outstanding indoor and outdoor decorations. Some of the benefits of having bespoke artificial walling are:

  • It is a fantastic decorative element
  • Low cost and maintenance
  • It has a realistic appearance
  • Green artificial walls can bring a serene and soothing ambiance
  • Beneficial to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure
  • It can provide shade and act as an aid in building insulation
  • Suitable for absorbing noise
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe for pets

Maintain your artificial walling properly

Artificial wall panels are available in different styles, sizes, and designs and you can choose them based on your taste and space where you want to install them. Ensure to buy high-quality products so that it is easy for you to maintain them. Nowadays, UV-tested wall panels are available which do not fade in the sun so easily. Occasional dusting or wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient to remove dirt from walls and maintain them in good condition.

Many houses and commercial areas decorate their walls with a variety of artificial plants and flowers. Even if more and more people are environment-conscious, using natural plants cannot be possible most of the time. But, people can bring positive vibes to their space with wall decor using faux plants. Bespoke artificial walling is certainly a great way to give a serene and green ambiance to your interiors.

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