Get known to all these types of garage doors before buying one!


No matter how hard you try, a book still gets judged by its cover. This is why publishing houses spend a big chunk of their revenue on designing that captivating front cover. This is human psychology, and this is why we try to grace-up the facade. And when the talk turns to facade, garage pervades the thoughts. Nobody would want that classy wide dream like driveway to be ending in a bland seeming door. But times are not old when options were few. Technology has opened for us a bag full of options. Where earlier only manual doors were an option, invention of different door openers has introduced to us those fancy possibilities. Garage doors do not just come in varieties, there is also the space for customization.

Different types of garage doors and their benefits!

Without a cent of delay, here we reveal to you those many fancy possibilities ready to adorn your garage.

Roller Garage Doors:

Fancy and forceful. These are those same traditional doors that roll up like a bundle in the ceiling, with an added touch of technology. They are considered to be the most secure doors due to their ability of sealing all sides. It does not leave any open space for burglars to pull in any crowbar and leverage up for a breakage. Now they come with automatic openers that provide you the comfort you deserve. Torsion Spring provides them enough strength to stay hold anywhere in the middle. Due to its heavy-duty material and design, these are mostly used for commercial roller doors, but people buy these for home garages too due to high security.

Sectional Garage Doors:

It uses horizontal sections or panels that attach themselves using hinges. These are popular in the USA and other European countries. When opened, these panels lift up and straighten themselves up like a ceiling. Different openers are used according to the weight and length of the door. People often customize them with a panel of windows too. If you are thinking of a window, make sure it is sturdy.

Side-Hinged Garage doors:

They are those normal doors that take up a lot of space while opening. While great for front gates, they fall inapt when it comes to garages. They are not only vulnerable to vehicle-ramming, robbers these days hold tools to break them off (it is not easy however).

Tilt-Up Garage Doors:

These types of doors use a single panel that gets lifted up against the ceiling. The drawback that this door holds is that it demands up some space before itself to spread out until getting pulled up and in. This requires the vehicle to stop several feet back.

Side-Slide Garage Doors:

This is an alteration of lift-up sectional garage doors. Here the sections slide themselves in to any of the side walls instead of the ceiling. As customization is becoming the norm, these types of doors are getting introduced in the market. If you have any garage doors (Melbourne) company around you, ask them how they deal with the customization. Some companies only provide customization with the colors, patterns, and material used; some companies offer you the liberty to construct a door of your choice.

While these were all the basic types of commercial roller doors melbourne that companies make, the question comes down to security. If you are planning to get one, consider adding an anti-theft alarm system and CCTV. These little things deter robbers from thinking of a theft at the first place. Make sure the door you put has a manual control too in case of any mishaps.

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