Nan Inc. – Construction at its Finest


Nan Chul Shin was born in South Korea, but he immigrated to the United States with his siblings, as was his dream. Times were tough initially and the family had to live in a one-bedroom apartment. He decided to change his name to Patrick Shin for adapting to the new culture. He helped out his brother who was operating a fishing business in New York. Thanks to a football scholarship, he was given the opportunity to attend the Bowling Green State University in Ohio and he chose to do his majors in business administration. Once that was done, he shifted to Hawaii and became a worker for a construction company.

After spending two years as a laborer, he walked away and founded Nan Inc. The most important thing you need to know about Nan Inc. founder Patrick Shin is that he had always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and this was him realizing his dream. He also wanted to make a contribution to Hawaii’s better and bright future, so he established his company in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company was launched in 1990 and it was just a one-man business. There was only one employee working by Patrick Shin’s side when he began.

Three decades later, Nan Inc. is recognized as one of the top construction companies in Hawaii. Its name is on the list of the top 10 construction firms in the state and it has dealt with a number of prominent projects. It all began with small projects, the first of which was installation of a road sign. Back then, they did not have a lot of resources and as mentioned before, there wasn’t much of a workforce. Today, Nan Inc. has a wealth of expertise and resources that it uses for handling and completing multimillion dollar projects.

As for their workforce, it has grown considerably over the years and now there are more than 600 people working at Nan Inc. Patrick Shin had founded his company on the principles of delivering quality work with integrity and they have remained consistent, allowing the company to flourish a lot quicker than expected. As a matter of fact, Nan Inc.’s success is worth noting because it is relatively younger than most of the construction companies that have reached this height of success. Over the years, the company has received multiple honors, awards and accolades and has become a well-known name in Hawaii due to its fine construction services.

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