Tips for a Kitchen Remodel


Cooking is a beautiful skill and a great source of income for many foodpreneurs. A remodel can range between 20000-50000 dollars depending on the materials and appliances used. Before remodeling the kitchen, one must consider the return on investment, the quality of other kitchens in the neighborhood, and the period you plan to reside in your home. A kitchen remodel does not have to be costly as some activities like painting are a DIY project.

While remodeling the kitchen, consider these factors:

The faucet

The most hardworking part of the kitchen. It is advisable to select a convenient faucet of high quality. For safety purposes, ensure the handle and faucet fit perfectly to avoid knocking on your knuckles. Also, the sink should not be deeper than 10 inches; the sink should be big enough, simple, and a single basin.

The backsplash

It is an area between the cabinets and the countertops. You may opt for non-tile or tile options to express your style. For example, subway tiles in the right sizes, placed vertically offer a traditional look. The choice you make should be appealing to many buyers if you plan to sell the house in the future.


Pendant lighting fixtures are costly and diffuse light without shadows. The major advantage is that it brightens work zones such as sinks, islands, and peninsulas. Recessed ceiling fixtures provide ambient lighting in open floor spaces where people can work while standing. Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting for countertops, cabinetry, and backsplash.


Quartz is a more popular choice than granite for many homeowners. Quartz contains properties that make it not need sealing; scratch proof, stain proof, and chip-proof. Quartz is in many variations that mimic limestone and marble, which are natural and very expensive.


Wood is natural and has a traditional appeal. However, under kitchen conditions, wood easily wears, dents and scratches. Alternatively, luxury vinyl and laminate floors have various wood looks that are durable, softer, and more forgiving in case things drop on the floor. A heated tile floor is a good investment if you spend many hours standing in the kitchen.

While remodeling the kitchen, be honest with yourself. You may need a good-looking kitchen, but there is no need to buy all the appliances. There is no need to buy a dishwasher if you rarely cook and mostly eat outside. Additionally, if you rarely use the kitchen no need to invest in expensive lighting fixtures.

Your kitchen project should be planned out early. The wrong arrangement can result in taking many hours cleaning and tidying. Open shelves easily get dirty, and it is advisable to place them on top of the backsplash to avoid grease splatters. It would help if you still cleaned the dirt off. Including something natural like a plant in the remodel will add contrast and warmth to the kitchen. Additionally, natural plants help in regulating the air.

Don’t forget to factor in the physical characteristics of your kitchen workers and family members. Something may look lovely on the drawing board and not fit into your kitchen. Strategically choose designs that fit your lifestyle. be very realistic about the choices you make. Don’t obsess on frames on catalogs, as it may be unrealistic in the home scenario. For example, a bay window overlooking a busy street will have a different appeal to a kitchen window overlooking the lake. Include landing zones while choosing where to place countertops. There is no need to remove a heavy hot pan from the oven without somewhere to place it. Additionally, consider how often you use kitchen appliances such as microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher while adjusting and remodeling your kitchen.

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