Stone bathtub is a new global bathroom decor trend


Each year millions of redecorations are made in different parts of the world. Contractors and designers exchange thousands of ideas to make bathrooms very special. A few years ago Lux4home™ has found a solution that turn these places into something nobody could predict.

The most solid stone bathtub in the world

Marble stone bathtub is usually associated with luxury and exclusivity. However, each year we make them more reachable to anyone who would like to invite innovation into their bathroom. Our stone bathtub is able to satisfy even the most demanding clients, as proven by dozens of interior design projects that we participated in. These span from USA through Puerto Rico all the way to Eurasia. You can see at least one of our River Rock or Marble bathtub in almost every continent.

See the variety and choose a Stone Bathtub for yourself:

Why stone bathtub is a perfect choice?

Simple answer would be – it is made from a rock, one of the most solid material on Earth. Our clients purchase bathtubs and then the whole bathroom revolves around this one piece of equipment, simply because it is the focal point of the room. Marble Stone Bathtub is one of the most popular and demanded bathtub design from our entire collection. There is just something unique about these pieces of sanitaryware. Perhaps because Indonesian stones are very special and create exquisite handicraft perfected by our professional local craftsmen.It is obviously a great choice for the ones who are aiming at eye-catching interiors.

Each stone bathtub that leaves our factory goes through a multi-staged quality control process performed by employees who dedicated part of their lifes to master their knowledge on natural stone. The QC process starts from checking the rough material, then supervising the production process and finally checking the robustness and ability to hold water.

No faulty product is allowed to leave our factory. No matter if the stone bathtubs is delivered to the USA, Spain, UK or Germany, we guarantee 100% satisfaction from all of our products thanks to our meticulous approach and passion towards the natural stone products.

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