Resurfacing your Driveway? Here Are your Options


There comes a time for every UK homeowner when the driveway is either in serious need of repair, or complete resurfacing, and when that time comes, it makes sense to review all of your options. Here are just a few of the materials that homeowners use to create driveways.

  1. Asphalt – A form favourite for many years, the clean and smooth finish that an asphalt driveway brings is very appealing. If your driveway is already asphalt, it is essential that the existing layer is broken up and replaced, rather than simply adding another layer. Check out some of the tarmac driveways in Glasgow and you’ll see how attractive the covering actually is.
  2. Block Paving – Block paving has quickly become the post popular material for both driveways and terraces, and with an almost unlimited design list, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste. Sturdy and very durable, block paving lasts for many years, and a professional installation can transform the look of your property.
  3. Ready Mixed Concrete – There are so many designs (and colours) available that you can choose a combination that will be the talk of the neighbourhood. Once the area has been prepared and hard core inserted, the ready mixed truck arrives and the rest is easy.
  4. Natural Paving – It your budget stretches that far, why not have granite or marble pavers installed? This will be a permanent, providing the work has been carried out by a professional team, and while it might cost a little more than the other options, it is a long-term solution that looks stunning.

Whatever the material you choose, do make sure that the supplier has extensive experience in designing and creating residential driveways.

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