Check if doors and windows are airtight


For doors, a difficulty locking them is a clue that something is going wrong: the installation was probably not done properly. You can also check if the framing is light or not. If a glow is visible, it’s not normal! However, this problem can also be caused by an improperly installed weatherstrip, so be careful.

If you spot such signs, it is highly likely that the installation of your doors or windows has been inadequate. These may not have been upgraded properly and may not be square (at right angles). Anyway, contact as soon as possible the company that took care of the installation so that it can correct the situation.

Analyze the energy efficiency of the house

Usually, when you change the doors and windows of a home, the energy efficiency of the home increases. That is, the energy used is well spent on designated resources and there are fewer losses. This should result in savings on your electricity bill, so feel free to take out your accounts from the previous year to compare. Be careful, however: the change will not appear immediately on your bill! It will take 2 or 3 months to see a real difference. However, if electricity costs increase after this waiting period, this is an indication that the installation has not been properly performed.

Also, note that if the installation of doors or windows has been done in winter, it is possible that the month’s electricity bill will increase. The delay between the removal of the old one and the installation of a new window can actually have an impact on the heating during this period

One last tip: find out about installing doors and windows before buying!

Finally, the best way to obtain a quality window replacement for your doors or windows is to inquire with the company before buying. In fact, asking questions about the standards to be respected, the insulation procedures or the installer’s experience can tell you a lot about the professionalism of the company. You will avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointing results. And do not forget to inform yourself about the guarantees!

Reduce your heating bill

Simulate the free installation of windows in your home: estimates of the savings on your annual heating bill will give you a better idea of the economic and energy value of this type of work.

The laying rabbet

In this type of installation, it is to embed the rabbit inside the wall. It can be used in renovation when you do not keep the frame of the old window. By removing the entire woodwork, there is a rabbit: a cut made in the entire length of the edge of a piece of wood to receive another room. In the context of windows, it is a groove to accommodate a window. In this type of installation, six measurements must be taken: the height of the table, the width of the table, the height of the rebate base, the width of the rebate base, the height of the sill, the depth of rebate.

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